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  • Darren Bassett

Welcome to our new website!

Well, hello there! Our new website is here, and we will use it to keep all of you lovely people informed about progress in our attempts to retain the excellent Head Teacher that we currently have, as well as to extricate ourselves from the mess that is the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT).

To say it's been a whistle-stop couple of weeks doesn't do it justice. Just 3 weeks ago, I wasn't aware of the plans to remove Edy O'Connor from his position. Since then we have made it into national media, had superb support from our wonderful local MP @AlbertoCostaMP and the local community has been sensational. From the farmers making huge Edy hay bales to The Chequers' new Edy O'Connor statue, everything that all of our supporters have done has been incredible. Amazing how a few locals can make a bit of a fuss when they are passionate, focussed and have knowledge of what is actually happening.

I will try and blog regularly to keep you updated - if there is anything you want or need to know from us, whether you are a concerned parent, an interested bystander, an outraged employee at another DLAT school, then please contact us. We will be open, honest and truthful. Simple things that some people find hard to uphold, whatever their faith, vision or values.

#saveourhead #proudtobeswinford #ashamedtobeDLAT

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