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  • Save Our Head Campaign

The clock has stopped … for now!

Our Head Teacher was served his redundancy notice. Our academy trust decided that the school should move from a dedicated Headteacher to sharing an Executive Head with another local school.

We LOVE our Head Teacher, he is dedicated, professional, inspiring and has many other qualities that we simply do not want to lose. He is a perfect fit for us and our children, taking him away rips the heart out of our school community. We recognise that the Executive Head Model does work for some schools, but we passionately believe that it’s not right for us.

So, why did the campaign decide to share the Business Case and Consultation document? The justification for the redundancy notice and the appointment of an Executive Head was THIS document. A document that is full of mistruths. Since it was shared sources have tried to deflect from its content by stating that the figures are out of date and inaccurate. To be clear, they were using the information contained within this document to make a man REDUNDANT! We completely agree that the document is inaccurate, so why then was it being used as the evidence to support the proposed restructuring? As for the information being out of date the CEO of the academy trust signed this document last month. The outrage regarding the inaccuracies of the document intensifies our anger and frustration. Before the document was shared we had made every effort to make our voice heard through all the correct channels and the academy trust had failed to do anything. The ticking of the clock was becoming louder and louder as the end of this month approached and the redundancy became legally binding.

When we set out on this campaign we didn’t realise how quickly it would escalate, we didn’t anticipate the things we would discover. At the core we are parents wanting the best for our children and sadly the journey we have embarked on has left us with no confidence in the academy trust. These are the people responsible for making the decisions that shape the future of our children’s education. When something is so fundamentally wrong should we just sit back and let them carry on?

We are not trying to alienate the other school involved and that has certainly never been the intention of this campaign. They know what is right for their school and we know what is right for ours. Some things may have appeared on social media that have caused upset, we are truly sorry for that, as a campaign we cannot censor individuals.

There are other schools within the trust that have voiced their concerns to us regarding the behaviour of the academy trust, we are not alone. Our campaign is not intended to cause embarrassment for other schools within the trust, surely, we all need answers. The Board resigned after the Bishop questioned them on their integrity and Christian values. Doesn’t that ring alarm bells?

We are neighbours and will continue to be long after this mess is resolved, we wish the other school community every success in achieving their goals. We can only hope that the new Board act with

integrity and steer the trust towards a transparent and open future for all parties involved.

@SaveOur Head

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