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School's OUT, why isn't the DLAT CEO?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Day 27 of our campaign, it's the first day of the school Easter holiday and spring is in the air. Unfortunately, a huge DLAT cloud is hanging over Swinford. The DLAT CEO is still marching full steam ahead with the master plan to make our Head Teacher redundant, even though the DLAT Board resigned this week after the Bishop questioned their integrity and Christian values. The document underpinning this decision is now in the public domain … you don't need to be a detective to see something is seriously wrong!

Today an interim Board was appointed, are they going to break through the cloud and let the sun shine on Swinford once again or are they going to continue to keep us in the dark? In the meantime the burning question remains how long until the DLAT CEO is out too?

@SaveOurHead #ashamedtobeDLAT #proudtobeSwinford

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