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  • Darren Bassett

Regional School Commissioner is aware. But are DLAT?

Yesterday I received an email. It might not have been an email pledging to rid Swinford School from the tyranny of the Diocese of Leicester Academy Trust (DLAT), but it was great to have had our plight acknowledged by the Department for Education. It's nice to get a response, isn't it. Something that DLAT are totally unable to do.

I've sent a letter to DLAT that hasn't had a response. So, after waiting 10 working days to get a response, I escalated this to a complaint. A week later, guess what? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Silence. The abject failure of the body that is accountable for the education of hundreds of pupils to even follow its own complaints process is farcical.

I have also raised some Freedom of Information requests as I would like clarification on key information that should be in the public domain, but isn't. Information like salaries and remuneration and business interests of the Board Members, Trustees and Directors of DLAT. Much like my original letter and subsequent complaint I haven't had the courtesy of even a holding reply.

Academy Trusts are required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. It's a great way of opening up dialogue where there is a lack of clarity. And it is really simple to request information. You can do it via websites like What Do They Know (www.whatdotheyknow.com). I've asked them about DLATs compliance with the Academies Financial Handbook as it doesn't appear that they are compliant.

You can also ask DLAT directly, which I did a few weeks ago. The 20 school days to respond runs until the end of the month, due to the Easter Holidays, so I am not suggesting DLAT won't respond in good time, but they haven't responded as of yet. I will be holding my breath over the Easter holidays...

Requesting info under FoI is simple - look at my other blog for more details.

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