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Why are we here?

Because a great Head Teacher is being made forcibly redundant by DLAT

In mid-March 2019, word crept out from Swinford C of E school that the Head Teacher, Edy O'Connor would be made redundant within weeks. This shocked and dismayed the parents and carers of 114 children at our small, rural school in South West Leicestershire.

So, we tried to contact the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT) to clarify what was happening. We called. We wrote. We emailed.

The response was alarming. If silence can be alarming.

Despite the lack of any discussion with parents or carers about the restructuring of the school and the imposition of an Executive Head, we were told that we were not to be consulted. Governing Body minutes indicate their objection to this. Sadly there appears to be no record of any DLAT discussions taking place, and they won't comment, so we can't say any more on their behalf. But, in an attempt to be balanced we will provide information they make available too.

So, what are we after.

1. We want the redundancy notice issued to Mr. O'Connor withdrawn immediately.

2. Due to the total breakdown in relationship with DLAT - there is no trust in this Trust - we need to be rebrokered into another Trust or to become a standalone school or Academy

3. Most importantly, a caring, sustainable educational environment for the 114 pupils at Swinford this year, and the many more that will pass through the gates in years to come.

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