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Save Our Head

Parents and carers from a small village school campaigning to save our Head

Welcome to the Swinford Parent and Carer Action Group. Our main goal is to fight the forced redundancy of our beloved Head Teacher, Edy O’Connor.

Whilst we have achieved this - for now at least - we firmly believe that being part of DLAT under its current CEO is not tenable.

The resignation of the previous Board speaks volumes for how the Trust has been operating. We welcome the new Board and continue to ask for  open and honest dialogue and consultation with the Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust (DLAT) about the future of Swinford School.

You can see how events have unfolded on this site. We will continue to provide information that we believe aids transparency and healthy debate.

We have 114 wonderful children at the school (yes, some have their moments...). The staff are amazing and go above and beyond each and every day. This is embodied by the fantastic Head, Edy O'Connor.

We are proud to be Swinford. Ashamed to be DLAT.

Please find out what's happening with our cause here, and we would love to hear from you.

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